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Heavy Duty Gear Box and Drive Shafts
General ODB’S Xtreme Sweep tractor attachment is a heavy duty, high quality sweeping attachment. The Xtreme Sweep is designed and manufactured by using the latest engineering and technological advances available.
Drive Type The Xtreme Sweep is a three-point hitch style, rear mounted mechanical driven sweeper. The universal attachment allows the Xtreme Sweep to mount on all makes and models of tractors with category one or two PTO.
Gear Box The unit is power driven from the rear PTO via a double C/V joint telescoping drive shaft through a heavy duty 90 degree gear box to a second double C/V joint telescoping drive shaft. These heavy duty drive shafts eliminate the problem of broken universal joints due to binding.
Swivel The Xtreme Sweep sweeps forward and swivels manually 30 degrees left or right. This allows debris to be swept in windrow fashion to the outside of tractor width.
Broom The standard broom is 6’ in length and has 32” diameter half and half wafer broom. The half and half wafer set is composed of 21 polypropylene and 20 wire wafer sections completely assembled. Other broom lengths available.
Deflector The Xtreme Sweep is equipped with a brush hood which is of heavy duty steel construction and fi tted with two 1/8” thick side plates for longer wear. The side plates are designed to help keep bent bristles and other debris from getting outside the hood. A dust hood defl ector plate and rubber curtain is standard and protects the operator from dirt and dust.
Drop Leg Stands Four drop leg stands support the broom when not attached to the tractor.
Drive Shafts The drive shafts, chain drive, gear box, and bearings are all of heavy duty construction and designed to withstand stressed equal to, or greater than those involved in the sweeping process.
Paint The X treme Sweep is painted ODB X-treme Green
Assembly The Xtreme Sweep three-point hitch sweeping attachment is delivered complete and ready to use. No assembly is required.

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